Songs Through the Years

These are some of the songs which span the years of the classroom, and the students who have been in it. That doesn't mean that I picked each of these songs on this playlist; some of these tunes were 'anthems' the kids brought to the school year with them somehow, some were songs I used in lessons or in videos, and some just found their way into the school year because...well, I really don't know. I hope that past (and present) students enjoy this playlist and allow the music to link them to other students from the Classroom of Chaos who might be removed from them by maybe a year or two, or perhaps by more than a decade...

Music Through the Years by teachinfourth on Grooveshark

Homework Music

Looking for some tunes to listen to while you work? If so, this is the playlist for you.

" />Homework Music by teachinfourth on Grooveshark

Movie Homework Music

Looking for some songs that are a little bit more familiar and fun to listen to while you're doing your homework? Chances are, this will be the playlist that you'll love.

Movie Music by teachinfourth on Grooveshark



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